Aneel, Brazil’s electricity regulator, has given permission to Omega Energia Renovavel to postpone the commercial operation of three wind farms, representing a total installed capacity of 118 MW.

According to Seenews, the three wind farms are the 30 MW Porto das Barcas, the 18 MW Porto Salgado and the 70 MW Delta do Parnaiba, all of which are all are located on the northern state of Piaui.

The original timetable foresaw the three wind farma start operations in March, June and July of last year respectively, but Omega asked the regulator to extend the deadlines for both the launch and start of power supply.

The wind farms will now enter operations and begin supplying electricity in June and July of this year.

Omega contracted the plants’ future output at an A-3 power auction held in 2011.

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