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1 MW wind turbines for on-site power at US sites

The 70 metre high, two-bladed N1000 turbine, with blades 59 metres in diameter, will provide renewable wind energy for schools, a military base, a municipal utility, and a sustainable residential development, with others being used for a wind farm in Uruguay. The projects span four states in the US ” Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota.

The company will provide a total of 16 turbines in the US: 12 MW for community wind projects in Minnesota including a LEED Gold Certified housing development project; 2 MW for a construction, energy efficiency and management company, for schools in Indiana; 1 MW for a municipal power company located in Iowa; and 1 MW to power the grid at a military base in Arizona. Another 3 MW are for a wind turbine installer to add capacity to an existing wind farm in Uruguay

At least 10 turbines will be shipped from Nordic Windpower’s US assembly facility in Pocatello, Idaho during 2009, commencing in July. The remaining turbines will be shipped during the first quarter of 2010.