Wind power trade body cuts EU installation forecast

Europe‘s wind power trade body has cut its forecast for installations through 2020.

In a new report, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) predicts that the EU will build a total of 192 GW of wind capacity by 2020, down from its 2011 forecast of 230 GW.

“A cocktail of regulatory uncertainty, ongoing climate and energy discussions at EU level and rapidly evolving national frameworks has contributed to these new scenarios,” EWEA Deputy CEO Justin Wilkes said in a statement.

“However, while regulatory stability is still recovering in Europe, onshore markets such as Germany, France, the UK and Poland will remain key for wind power installations,” he added.

EWEA predicts that European onshore wind installations will total 169 GW in 2020, with offshore wind installations coming in at 23.5 GW. According to the report, European leader Germany’s installed wind power capacity will grow from 34.3 GW in 2013 to 51.5 GW in 2020; the UK will double its capacity to reach 21 GW, France will install 20 GW and Poland will triple its installations to 10 GW, while Spain will see more modest growth from 23 GW to 26 GW and Italy will grow from 8.5 GW to 12 GW.

EWEA expects wind energy to produce 442 TWh of power in 2020, meeting 14.9 per cent of Europe’s electricity consumption. And the revised scenario will still mean investments of up to €124 billion in wind farms across the EU, creating over 100,000 industry jobs, the group said.

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