Wind farms launched in Brazil and Mexico

A 90 MW wind complex comprising three wind farms has started operations in the state of Bahia in Brazil.

The three farms ” Macaubas, Novo Horizonte and Seabra ” all have capacity of 30 MW and are operated by Desenvix Energias Renovaveis.

Wind power
The complex cost $210m of $132m which was financed by the Banco do Nordeste do Brazil (BNB).

Equipment was provided by Alstom and construction carried out by Brazilian firm Engevix Engenharia.

Meanwhile in Mexico, eight 2.75 MW turbines supplied by GE (NYSE: GE), are to provide the power for public lighting in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leàƒ³n.

The turbines are on a wind farm being built by Mexican hydroelectric company Comexhidro.

GE announced the project today at its Mexico Wind Energy Forum and hailed it as “a breakthrough for the country”.

Héctor Villegas, sales director of GE’s renewable energy business in Mexico, said the wind farm “supports the government’s commitment to increase investment in research and infrastructure and encourage private investors to produce clean energy”.

The Mexican Wind Energy Association estimates the country’s wind energy potential at more than 50 000 MW.

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