Wave-powered 300 KM plant connects to Spanish grid

A commercial wave power plant ” said to be the world’s first ” has started operating in northern Spain.

The EUR1.2m ($1.6m) plant was developed by Scottish company Voith Hydro Wavegen and has been handed over to Basque energy firm Ente Vasco de la Energàƒ­a.

The 300 KW facility comprises 16 turbines housed within a breakwater at the port of Mutriku.à‚ It has been designed for a 25 year operational life and will provide electricity for 250 homes via national grid.

Matthew Seed, chief executive of Inverness-based Voith Hydro Wavegen, said:à‚ “This is very exciting news, not just for our company, but for the whole marine energy sector.à‚ This major milestone is a demonstration of just how far the industry has developed in recent years.”

In 2000, Voith Hydro Wavegen developed the first commercial-scale, grid-connected wave energy plant on the Scottish island of Islay, and the facility continues to operate as a demonstration project.

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