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Vattenfall Norfolk Vanguard project moves closer to completion

Vattenfall has moved to the next stage in it development of the Norfolk Vanguard wind farm, after engagement with local communities saw agreement on the route to be taken for an underground cable route to take the energy from 1.8 GW facility.

“We spoke with nearly eight hundred people last autumn and as a result we have been able to make good progress on the development of Norfolk Vanguard” said Ruari Lean, Vattenfall‘s Project Development Manager for Norfolk Vanguard.
Offshore wind power
Mr Lean added that Vattenfall has managed to narrow the search area for the cable route from what was around 7,000 metres at its widest to 700 since the public engagement last autumn. This in turn will allow the company to focus its ecological assessment work.

Renewable Energy Magazine reports that Vattenfall is also looking forward to further public engagement so as to understand public concerns and outline the benefits of the project.

Vattenfall plans to bring power from the 1.8 GW offshore wind farm, located 47 kilometre offshore at its nearest point, to the shore between Bacton and Eccles-on-Sea, England. The company will then run an underground cable approximately 60 kilometre from shore to connect into the existing National Grid’s substation near Necton.

If built the plant would generate enough clean power every year to meet the equivalent electricity demand of 4 per cent of UK households. Norfolk Vanguard’s sister project, Norfolk Boreas, is expected to start its planning process later this year.