A 1.25 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Pakistan’s Punjab province has been successfully connected to the grid, Chinese project developer SUMEC Group has announced.

The plant (pictured) is Pakistan’s first utility-scale solar power facility.

Covering 16,000 square metres, the plant is expected to produce 1,745,000 kWh, powering the surrounding villages as well as auxiliary power systems. According to SUMEC, it is also expected to save 1580 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Constructed by SUMEC’s local partner Green Volts Technologies, the project was completed in nine months.

Cai Jibo, SUMEC’s president, said: “The successful grid connection of the first MW-level photovoltaic power plant in Pakistan has brought full recognition of overseas markets for engineering and general contracting capabilities of SUMEC, especially in renewable energy fields. Most of the equipment used in this project is made in China, and I am proud that our equipment has successfully supported the ‘Go Global’ policy and obtained affirmation of new overseas markets.”

In summer temperatures in Punjab can reach 50℃, with up to 90% humidity. To ensure the plant’s longevity and operational stability under these conditions, SUMEC said, it is equipped with PV modules from Phono Solar that are resistant to high temperatures and humidity.

Other recent firsts for utility-scale solar power include an 8.5 MW plant in Rwanda.