US Commerce department slaps tariffs on Chinese solar

The US Commerce department has found that Chinese producers were selling below the cost of manufacture and benefiting from state subsidies, and set anti-dumping duties of up to 78.42 per cent on Chinese solar panels and of up to 27.55 per cent on solar cells from Taiwan.

Anti-subsidy duties of up to 49.79 per cent on Chinese modules were also announced, in a move that has divided the solar power industry.

US manufacturers praised the move, saying it closed a loophole in import duties imposed in 2012 that allowed Chinese companies to sell at illegally low prices in the American market.

Others in the solar energy industry criticised the ruling for making green energy less affordable, with the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy stating that the increased taxes will inhibit competition and place upward pressure on solar panel prices.

The Chinese government had yet to make a public announcement but the decision may well come up for discussion at the US-China trade talks in Chicago on Tuesday

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