US-China clean energy war sees more allegations of dirty tricks

The ongoing energy trade war between China and the US has taken a new twist with the news that China’s Ministry of Commerce said six renewable energy projects in the US are illegally subsidised and violate World Trade Organisation rules.

The statement, made on its website claims US state support amounts to a distortion of normal international trade, under the WTO’s General agreement on tariffs and trade.

China-US clean energy trade war
Platts reports that the projects cited involve a solar-power rebate program in Massachusetts and wind-power manufacturing incentives in Ohio, and the Chinese ministry have urged the US to cancel its subsidies for the projects but did not say in its announcement whether it would seek WTO arbitration over the matter.

The Office of the US Trade Representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The US and China have accused each other over the past year of illegally subsidizing their respective clean-energy industries, with the US voting to impose tariffs on Chinese -solar imports and wind turbines as anti-dumping measures.

In each case, China has said it is following WTO regulations and has warned that any “restrictive measures” against its products would hurt the US’ economy.

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