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Ukraine look to boost alternative energy capacity

The combined installed capacity of wind and solar power plants in Ukraine could increase by 600 MW in 2012 with the construction of new facilities, the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Conservation forecasts.

“Two sectors – solar and wind power – will develop rapidly in Ukraine. This is consistent with global trends. We expect capacity growth in 2012 – as stated by investors – of about 300 MW for wind power stations and about the same amount for solar power,” agency head Nikolai Pashkevich said at a round table on energy strategy.

The agency’s deputy head, Sergei Dubovik, citing the National Energy Regulation Commission, said that installed capacity of power generating companies operating under the “green” tariff increased to nearly 400 MW in 2011 from 155 MW a year earlier.

Renewable energy in Ukraine is developing more rapidly than in any other European country, Pashkevich said. “If we maintain this pace, then according to optimistic estimates by 2020 we will reach current European indicators, that is a 12 per cent share of electricity from renewable sources in the total energy balance,” he said

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