UK company offers CHP power

Energy supply company green energy uk has launched two new tariffs, ‘Deep Green’ and ‘Pale Green’, which offers consumers the chance to purchase energy either entirely from renewables or from a combination of renewables and CHP.

The company, which has been operating since 2001, is also giving customers who sign up 400 shares each in the company.

While the Deep Green tariff offers customers 100% renewable electricity, and has zero carbon emissions and no radioactive waste, customers opting for Pale Green receive a cocktail of 100% green electricity predominantly from cleaner CHP sources. Under the Pale Green tariff carbon emissions are 160g per kwh, which is around 65% less than the national average for energy production, the company says.

Doug Stewart, green energy uk chief executive and co-founder, says: ‘Many people equate a green lifestyle as having to make sacrifices, but offering customers shares is our twist on that concept. The shares are a reward to our customers for making the choice to be green. We are a transparent company and we value our customers’ input. They understand the importance of their decision to choose green electricity, so it makes sense to involve them in the business.’

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