The CHP industry body in the UK, the CHPA, has backed a commitment by the minister for Energy and Climate Change Greg Barker to make energy saving “an equal priority” with energy production.

CHPA director Graham Meeks has also welcomed Barker’s continued support for gas to feature strongly in the UK’s energy mix.

“He [Barker] has committed to making our homes and businesses less wasteful, and combined heat and power will be essential in securing this goal for the gas that we continue to use,” said Meeks.

The CHPA is also calling for a review on CHP incentives and action on exempting CHP fuel used for heat production from the Carbon Price Support Levy and retaining Climate Change Levy Exemption Certificates for CHP until the introduction of an alternative Feed-in Tariff incentive.

The industry body also wants to see the introduction of a tariff for micro-CHP of at least £0.15/kWh under the government’s existing Small-Scale Feed-In Tariff regime, and an extension of this scheme to include plant up to 50 kWe capacity.

Finally, the CHPA also wants a review of renewable CHP incentives, including extended eligibility for the Renewables Obligation until 2017, a dedicated CHP band in the Renewable Heat Incentive and retention of the single ROC band for energy-from-waste CHP.

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