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Trade groups call for EU policy focus on solar plus storage

Trade groups representing Europeࢀ™s solar power (Solar Power Europe), heat pump (EHPA) and battery energy storage (EUROBAT) sectors have teamed up to call for new policies designed to promote the combination of solar and storage technologies.

In a policy paper released this week, the groups said ࢀ˜regulatory adjustmentsࢀ™ are needed to unlock the potential of solar power with storage.

Most crucially, the paper said a legal definition of storage is needed at the EU level in order to create a viable market for the technology. And it said barriers to self-consumption such as additional taxes will hamper the further development of decentralized storage, recommending that ࢀ˜an appropriate and cost-efficient framework for renewable self-consumptionࢀ™ be added to the Renewable Energy Directive.

Thirdly, the paper recommended that energy policies ࢀ˜should ensure that services provided by storage and solar to DSOs and TSOs are properly recognizedࢀ™ and appropriately valued.

The heat pump angle showed in the paperࢀ™s call for Europeࢀ™s new Heating and Cooling Strategy to emphasize ࢀ˜bridging electricity and thermal grids via the storage of surplus electricity in the form of heat (in heat pump, hybrid heat pumps or thermal storage)ࢀ™.

Finally, the paper called for increased funding for R&D in solar and storage technologies.à‚