Japan’s Toshiba is on the way to supplying an equipment package for three new geothermal power plants in Turkey after concluding a preliminary agreement this week.

Under the terms of the package deal agreement (PDA) with Turkish independent power producer Zorlu Energy Group, Toshiba has been given preferential negotiation rights for the supply of steam turbines and generators.

Prior to the negotiations, Zorlu Energy Group is to investigate relevant conditions, such as steam flow and pressure levels, at the three proposed plant locations. If conditions prove to be favourable for power plant construction, Toshiba will have an exclusive opportunity to negotiate terms for the equipment supply.

Zorlu Group aims to build all three geothermal plants by October 2020.

In 2016, Toshiba signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Zorlu Energy Group covering construction of geothermal, thermal and hydro power plants in Turkey.

The company currently supplies around 23 per cent of global installed geothermal capacity.

Zorlu Energy Group operates three geothermal power plants in Turkey, with a total capacity of 129 MW.