Tariff details for Slovakian renewables and CHP revealed

The extent of support by the Slovakian taxpayer for the country’s renewable and combined heat and power industries has been outlined by the regulator.

Slovak electricity consumers contributed a total of €464.7 million last year to producers generating electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) and through high-efficiency cogeneration.
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Radoslav Igaz, spokesperson for the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (àƒÅ¡RSO) told vEnergetike.sk, a website dedicated to energy issues, that the payment, via feed in tariffs, is set to rise further.

“The planned supplementary payment for this year for RES and high-efficiency cogeneration is €517.6 million,” said Igaz.

In Slovakia, there are roughly 2,700 energy sources, which are entitled to a supplementary payment from consumers for generated green electricity.

Solar power suppliers received à‚ €210 million in payments with €93 million paid to cogeneration and biogas producers receiving over €64 million.

In the case of individual producers, the biggest supplementary payment last year went to the paper mill SCP Mondi in Ruà…¾omberok, €14.7 million. Its six biomass power sources generated some 167,000 MWh of electricity.

Slovintegra Energy generated via high-efficiency cogeneration 290,000 MWh of electricity and received €13.4 million. The heating plant, Povaà…¾skàƒ¡ Bystrica, obtained a supplementary payment of €13 million when it generated, via high-efficiency cogeneration, 271,000 MWh of electricity. The company Energy Edge ZC, operating two biomass-fired power plants, received €7.5 million. The steelmaker US Steel Koà…¡ice produced 185,000 MWh via cogeneration and obtained €7.3 million.

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