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Survey: Public doubts government’s ability to deliver Energiewende

Some 75 per cent of consumers who participated in a survey on the subject stated that they did not believe the present German government will be successful in bringing through the country’s energy transition.

German consumer advocacy organization VZBV performed the survey and those involved were unconvinced that the present coalition’s plans would lead to a positive outcome.

Renewables International reports that in December, 59 per cent of those surveyed stated that they did not believe the newly elected coalition would manage to reach its targets for the Energiewende and keep costs in check. Last month, that figure had risen to 73 per cent according to the latest survey published last week.
Of those polled, 52 per cent also said that fewer energy-intensive firms should be exempt from the renewables surcharge and 57 per cent of those surveyed were against the imposition of the renewable surcharge on power consumed directly.

As Renewables International pointed out, the survey did not include a question on whether the German public still supported the goals of the Energiewende.

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