Voith of Germany has received two major modernization orders, including one at Bratsk, which is one of Russia’s most important hydroelectric power facilities.

Russia’s largest independent power producer Irkutskenergo and its largest power generation company RusHydro have commissioned the work.

For Irkutskenergo, Voith will manufacture six new Francis runners and related equipment in its Austrian workshop in St. Poelten for the Bratsk hydropower station in eastern Siberia.

The first runner is due to be installed on-site in 2013, with the other five runners delivered at half-year intervals. Each new runner will have a diameter of six metres and a rated capacity of 255 MW.

The Bratsk hydropower station is the largest one on the Angara River. With a current installed capacity of 4500 MW it supplies electricity to the city of Bratsk, including its large aluminum foundry.

For RusHydro, Voith will supply two Kaplan runners and turbine governors, including related equipment, for the Miatlinskaya hydropower station in southern Russia.

Miatlinskaya’s new runners will have a diameter of six metres and a rated capacity of 145 MW each.

The 220 MW Miatlinskaya hydro facility is located on the Sulak River in Dagestan and is its second largest power plant.

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