US high school in on-site wind move

Holy Name Central Catholic Junior/Senior High School, in Massachusetts, has completed the installation of a 600 kW on-campus wind turbine supplied by Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc. (SED), a first for the State.

The decentralized wind power company intends to complete four more utility-scale wind projects in Massachusetts by the end of 2008 at sites that include ski resorts, a commercial green house operation, schools, municipal facilities and a granite quarry.

With the advent of the Green Communities Act in Massachusetts the wind turbine is expected to produce 100% of the power required for the school, saving at least US$150,000 a year.

Kevin Schulte co-founder and vice president of business development for SED commented: ‘Not only will this wind turbine be used for educational purposes now and for years to come, but we also put up a wind turbine in a city the size of Worcester. There is a significant and growing demand for renewable energy, in the United States and this project is a great example of a way to meet those demands with wind power.’

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