The US and the UK are to sign a pact to collaborate on developing floating wind turbines for deep waters far offshore.

The deal will the first of a series of agreements the UK intends to sign with some of the 23 nations attending the Clean Energy Ministerial meeting this week in London, an energy summit hosted by Britain’s energy minister Ed Davy and his American counterpart Steven Chu.

The UK and US will agree to work together in the development of floating wind technology designed to generate power in deep waters currently off limits to conventional turbines but where the wind is much stronger.

Davey said: “Floating wind turbines will allow us to exploit more of our wind resource, potentially more cheaply. Turbines will be able to locate in ever deeper waters where the wind is stronger but without the expense of foundations down to the seabed or having to undertake major repairs out at sea. The UK and US are both making funding available for this technology and we’re determined to work together to capitalise on this shared intent.”

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