Start-up hub InnoEnergy reveals clean energy success

Low carbon innovation hub InnoEnergy has revealed that its start-ups have created 1741 jobs across Europe and brought energy access to 56,000 people in developing countries since 2011.

In a report released yesterday, it also unveiled that InnoEnergyà‚´s assets will generate 1,147 GWh of power from clean energy sources, save 809.5m euros in energy costs and reduce carbon emissions by a total of 5.5m tonnes over 25 years.Elena Bou, Innovation Director at InnoEnergy

Elena Bou, Innovation Director at InnoEnergy, said at a press conference in Copenhagen: “Our 200 start-ups have brought innovative technologies to life that are meeting the energy challenges of our changing society. Whether it is by reducing greenhouse emissions or creating jobs, these companies are creating a noticeable impact on the way Europe thinks about, develops and uses sustainable energy.”

Recent start-up success stories from the report include the Swedish wave power technology company CorPower Ocean, which has developed and tested a technology to turn waves into electricity with the aid of buoys.

CorPower chief executive Patrik Màƒ¶ller said: “Wave energy is a huge opportunity for Europe to establish a new industry, with significant job creation and export business potential. In our recent deployment in Orkney, Scotland, we have just demonstrated fundamental improvements in survivability and efficiency.”

Lars Aagard, chief executive of the Danish Energy Association, stressed the importance of organization such as InnoEnergy: “Denmark has a strong history of green energy and innovation. The first modern windmill was born in Denmark and we also built the first offshore wind farms. These green milestones have only been possible because of a partnership between industry and government creating a stable framework for investors in the green solutions of tomorrow.”

InnoEnergy was established in 2010 and is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. InnoEnergy is a lead partner in The Initiate! Programme at European Utility Week next month. Initiate is a platform to encourageà‚ discussions, opportunities and new ideas to help the energy industry thrive and grow. Click here to find out more.

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