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Schletter Group enters into sales partnership with Enecsol

Global solar installation manufacturer Schletter Group is further expanding its sales network in Europe by entering into a strategic partnership with the French solar wholesaler Enecsol.

The company will be marketing the Schletter range for roof products in France and Belgium with immediate effect.

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With this step, the Schletter Group is moving further forward with the changeover of its sales model at European level. While the solar installation manufacturer continues to market systems for large-scale projects directly, it is relying on local wholesalers for smaller solar projects.

The Schletter Group introduced this sales model some time ago in Germany. “Working with wholesalers means that local users and installers in particular benefit from shorter delivery times and better service”, said Schletter CEO Florian Roos. “As an experienced, customer-friendly wholesaler, Enecsol is much closer to customers than we can be as manufacturers.”

From now on, Enecsol will be offering Schletter’s entire roof program in its portfolio. Because of Enecsol’s large storage capacities, all the main products will be available locally in future. The shorter distances and the efficient delivery system operated by the French wholesaler will also reduce freight costs for local installers.

“In addition, Enecsol will be using our Schletter Configurator 3.0 so that it can plan roof systems for customers more quickly and easily than before”, adds CEO Roos. “This will bring huge improvements to our growing number of customers in France and Belgium.”

The sales partnership with Enecsol is now the second of its type in France. Schletter announced its collaboration with the French wholesaler Negosolar in July.

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