Russian energy minister talks co-operation and renewables

Russia‘s deputy energy minister today stressed the importance of international collaboration on energy projects.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of POWER-GEN Middle East in Abu Dhabi, Yury Sentyurin said that “the global power markets are becoming more dynamic yet less predictable” and that the “silver bullet” to secure energy supplies for countries around the world was “politically unbiased co-operation”.

Mr Sentyurin also later spoke at Russia Day, a special event being held at part of POWER-GEN Middle East at the Abu Dhabi national Exhibition Centre.

He told a packed audience that renewables were going to play a key role in the Russian Federation’s future energy mix.

He said a target had been set of having 6 GW of renewables online by 2020, which would account for 4 per cent of the Russian Federation’s energy mix.

“We are doing our utmost to be in line with global trends and develop these lines of generation”, he said.

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