Rolls-Royce tidal turbine hits 100 MW milestone

Rolls-Royce has revealed that its prototype tidal turbine located off Orkney in Scotland has generated and fed 100 MW/h of electricity into the UK’s national grid.

The turbine is based at the European Marine Energy Centre and is the first device there to hit the 100 MWh mark.

The 500 KW three-bladed turbine is attached by a tripod to the seabed and can operate 40 metres underwater. Its design allows it to continually rotate to face the incoming tide at an optimal angle.

Rolls-Royce Power Ventures’ vice president Robert Stevenson said: “Reaching the 100 megawatt hours milestone highlights the significant potential of cleaner, greener tidal power as part of a diversified UK energy mix. Having proven the capability of tidal energy, Rolls-Royce is well placed to meet any future demand with larger, more efficient technology on a commercial scale.”

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