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RES deploys new windfarm data technology

Renewables company RES Group is to utilize a windpower data solution at one of its windfarms in France.

The Windfit solution has been developed by French company Sereema to help operators optimize energy production and maintenance strategies for wind farms.

Using embedded sensors, Windfit boxes are able to measure wind turbine activity and automatically transmit the information to a cloud platform. Using dedicated algorithms, it then processes the data in real time with the aim of providing a better understanding of the conditions of operation and to allow for a more effective diagnosis of the settings necessary for optimal yield on any windfarm.

RES will deploy Windfit group at the Claves windfarm in the south of France, which is equipped with six turbines of 1.75 MW.

Renaud Chevallaz-Perrier, operations manager for RES in France, said: “The Windfit solution should help us more clearly identify the behaviour of the wind turbines and their interaction with the wind on this farm. The solution is simple to implement and should help us maximize production of each available kwh at the lowest price possible.”

The Claves windfarm has been operating since 2005 and supplies electricity to nearly 6000 households.