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Poyry wins hydropower deal in Armenia

Pàƒ¶yry has been awarded an engineering services and consultancy services contract for a feasibility study for a hydroelectric project in Armenia.

The Shnogh project is located along the Debed river in northern Armenia close to the border with Georgia border.à‚ 

Shnogh is a run-of-river plant which harnesses the water from the Debed and Martsiget rivers, which will be dammed behind a 25m high concrete weir, and conveyed to the powerhouse along a 19 km-long free-flow tunnel, a 230 metre pressure shaft, and a high pressure tunnel.

Two turbines with a capacity of 70 MW will be housed in a surface powerhouse located on the bank of the Debed River, in the vicinity of Neghots village.à‚ 

Pàƒ¶yry’s assignment includes the review of existing documents and the basic studies, feasibility design of the selected alternatives, construction schedule, bill of quantities, cost estimate, economic evaluation and executive summary.à‚ à‚ 

The contract has been awarded by Debed Hydro, a new subsidiary of Energy Invest Holding CJSC, which will construct and operate the plant.

The Investors Club of Armenia will co-invest 15 per cent of the required finance.à‚ à‚ 

Richard Pinnock, president of Pàƒ¶yry’s Energy Business Group, said: “Delivering clean, renewable energy projects in this region further strengthens Pàƒ¶yry’s position as one of the world’s leading hydropower engineering consultancies. Armenia is an important country for hydropower development and we look forward to sharing our expertise in future projects.”

The deal marks Poyry’s second hydropower award in Armenia in less than a year. Last year it was awarded an engineering and consultancy contract by Energy Invest Holding for the headworks rehabilitation project at the Dzoraà‚ hydropowerà‚ plant.à‚ 

The plant on the Dzoraget river has been operating since 1932. Pàƒ¶yry prepared an inventory of the observed damages to the concrete structures and hydromechanical equipment. It also assessed the reduced operability or the expectable durability of the hydro-scheme based on a risk analysis and clarify the geological/geotechnical potential causes for the damages in view of designing proper countermeasures.à‚ 

Energy Invest Holding has four hydropower assets in Armenia as well as ArevEk, the firstà‚ solar power plantà‚ in Armenia. With up to 1 MW capacity it being built at the highest elevation near the Makravan district of Hrazdan city.à‚ 

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