The chief strategy officer of Malaysia’s largest utility yesterday vowed to reinvent the company to deliver clean energy across the country.

Speaking at POWERGEN Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Fazlur Rahman of TNB said: “There is an urgent need for a paradigm shift to address the energy dilemma. Business as usual is now longer sustainable.”

He added that TNB aspired to becoming a major renewables player in the ASEAN region and would reimagine itself in the face of the disruptive trends sweeping the energy sector.

Malaysia has set of target to have renewables comprise 20 per cent of its energy mix by 2025 and Rahman said that “this is not impossible with collaboration between public and private entities”.

He said that key to delivering economic benefits across Asia was the electrification of its transport, industrial and building sectors.

For transport, he said there was huge potential for electric vehicles in Malaysia’s cities and added that “the economics of electric vehicles make sense with greater concentration, involving not only private cars but also buses and trucks”.

He said Malaysia’s EV market is in its infancy with less than 300 charging points across the country and urged government intervention to unlock EV growth.

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