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Poll finds public back biomass and energy from waste

A new survey carried out for the UK’s Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has found that there is strong public support for producing bioenergy in Britain from both biomass and waste.

The report presents findings from a YouGov survey commissioned by the ETI.

The survey polled over 5300 people and found that 74 per cent supported producing energy from biomass and 81 per cent backed producing biomass from waste.

The government was seen as the most popular choice to lead the development of the UK bioenergy sector. However, respondents also valued the role of scientists and academics, environmental groups and consumer and industry watchdogs as reliable sources of information about bioenergy.

The ETI’s Bioenergy Strategy Analyst, Hannah Evans, said: “Delivering bioenergy on a large scale will be dependent on levels of public support, not just in terms of ensuring new bioenergy generation facilities can obtain planning permission, but also in determining the number of farmers and foresters prepared to plant new bioenergy crops, and whether or not individuals are willing to install biomass boilers in their homes or workplaces.

“It is encouraging to see that levels of support for bioenergy compare favourably with other renewable energy technologies and the public associate bioenergy with a wide range of positive features, particularly the fact that it can be generated from waste materials and that it is seen as a renewable source of energy that can reduce the UK’s dependence on fossil fuels.”