Nuclear’s role in climate change fight is debated

Nuclear and renewables should be seen as compatible and not act as sparring partners according to energy sector panellists at a conference in London.

Maf Smith, deputy chief executive on trade body RenewableUK, said: Energy is too important to be politicised. Electrons don’t wear rosettes ” they don’t have a political affiliation.”

He added that when renewables advocates and the nuclear lobby went head-to-head, “scrapping for the spoils is unseemly ” it does us all a dis-service”.

Joining Smith on the panel at the annual conference on the Nuclear Industry Association was Fiona Reilly, executive partner of Atlantic SuperConnection ” a bid to bring geothermal and hydropower from Iceland to the UK via a 1500km subsea high voltage direct current cable. She said: “We need to focus on the low carbon positives of nuclear.”à‚ 

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