Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc (SED) and Harvest the Wind Network LLC (HTWN) have announced a partnership aimed at increasing penetration in the community wind market in the US.

The new business is toprovide the distributed wind market across the country with streamlined access to industry leading development, project financing and wind technology.
On-site wind power
“The formation of this alliance with Harvest the Wind Network is an important part of our strategy to capitalize on SED’s project development experience, to solidify our position as a leader in the expanding distributed wind market,” said Kevin Schulte, CEO of SED.

“HTWN’s national reach and its commitment to the community and distributed wind marketplace presents a huge opportunity for both of our companies to profit.  As exciting as that is though, HTWN and SED share similar core values and we both want to grow our companies by developing high quality wind projects that set the standard for the industry.”   

The SED and HTWN partnership originally grew out of the two companies’ work developing an 850kW Gamesa wind turbine project located in the Wayne Industrial Sustainability Park in Ontario, New York where SED’s offices are located.

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