New IRENA partnership targets social justice to deliver energy transition

irena energy transition
Image credit: IRENA

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the International Labour Organisation are partnering to ensure the evolution of the energy sector is just and inclusive.

The two parties aim to ensure that both men and women are included and represented in the energy transition.

Guy Ryder, director-general of the International Labour Organisation, said: “The rapid deployment of renewable energy is indispensable to the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals. Making such a transition conducive to decent work creation, with more and better jobs, while ensuring a just transition for all is essential.”

Although the deployment of renewable energy capacity and the creation of jobs within the sector has increased over the past years under efforts to decarbonise economies, deployment and job creation is uneven across the globe and communities. As a result, IRENA and the International Labour Organisation seek to make sure that both genders and people of various races and economic statuses are well represented in the energy transition.

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Francesco La Camera, director-general of IRENA, added: “Progress that is not just or inclusive is not sustainable. Achieving a green economy can not be done without creating opportunities for all, making sure that all groups of society have access to decent, well-paying jobs.”

The development of a global framework is therefore vital to support education, skills upgrading and retraining in order to make sure that no group is left behind in the transition to renewable energy-based economies, according to the two parties.

IRENA and the International Labour Organisation will co-develop knowledge and education products and help governments to develop and enact regulations that support an inclusive and just energy transition. They will work together on research and development activities and on outreach and communications as well as on knowledge sharing.

The organisations have previously worked together on programmes including the Sustainable Energy and Jobs Platform (SEJP) under IRENA’s Coalition for Action, ILO’s Just Transition and Green Job Initiatives based on the ILO Tripartite Guidelines for a Just Transition Towards Environmentally Sustainable Economies and Societies for All, and IRENA’s Collaborative Framework on Just and Inclusive Energy Transition.

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