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Latin America must install 14 GW of new capacity a year, says report

Over the next 20 years Latin American countries will need to add 14 GW annually to the current capacity if they want to respond to the rising power demand, finds the latest report in BNamericas‘s Intelligence Series.

The report expects electricity consumption in the region to almost double to 1.55 TWh by 2035.

Despite ongoing environmental and social concerns, hydropower will continue to play a vital role in Latin America’s future generation mix, says the report, with hydro projects representing 40 per cent of the new capacity over the period with investments totalling $281bn.

The reports concludes that “estimates suggest that the addition of nearly 300 GW in new generation capacity will be required to meet this demand, and there is clearly an opportunity for hydro development to continue growing thanks to Latin America’s strong resource potential.”

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