Irish wind farms in $8bn UK power proposal

Ireland’s Bog of Allen, in its central plain, is being earmarked for a significant wind power investment drive, targeted at powering the UK grid.

The Guardian reports that the plan, which would provide around 3 GW of power, is under consideration by the Irish government.

Irish wind power for UK

Element Power, the company behind the $8bn dollar proposal, hopes to build more than 700 turbines and transport the power generated through two dedicated undersea cables across the Irish Sea to the UK, something that could become a reality by 2018.

Element executives have reportedly met with the UK energy secretary, Ed Davey and while the coalition government is supportive, obstacles remain.

Element is requesting access to the UK’s wind power subsidies in order to finance the investment, and this could set a difficult precedent, for what is a foreign energy project.

Mike O’Neill, the president of Element Power, says the project, entitled Greenwire, will provide electricity at two-thirds of the cost of building an offshore wind farm, which will reduce the amount that needs to be charged to the UK consumer by $11bn over 15 years.

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