Ingeteam reaches 1 GW milestone at its Indian wind facility

Ingeteam, an independent global supplier of electrical conversion and turbine control equipment, has reached 1 GW of production output within the first year of operations at its production facility in India.

Ingeteam established its new cutting-edge Indian facility in autumn last year in the vicinity of Chennai, to satisfy the demand for wind power converters and control cabinets from both local and international OEMs.

In response to positive trends in both the domestic and global markets, the 3,500 mà‚² production facility has recently been expanded by 40 per cent to reach 4,900 mà‚². Similarly, Ingeteam has tripled the staff headcount and introduced three additional products to its local production range in the past year.

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“Agility is at the core of Ingeteam’s production strategy. Our Chennai wind facility has been built on a modular design, which allows us to rapidly ramp production up or down according to ever-changing market conditions. This flexibility plays a big role in ensuring that our production centre remains both highly efficient and cost-effective”, commented Josep Garcàƒ­a, plant director of Ingeteam Chennai.

In 2018, Ingeteam’s technology was deployed on 15 per cent of the newly added wind capacity in India and will reach 1GW of production output by this month.

“I am very proud of my team, and grateful to our key suppliers for their professionalism. Reaching a production output of 1GW within the very first year is no small feat. Year after year, we confirm our leadership role in this promising market”, concluded Josep Garcàƒ­a.

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Ingeteam has more than 45 GW global installed capacity to date. The company has a strong focus on emerging markets and entered the Indian solar PV sector in 2013. In 2016, Ingeteam experienced significant activity in the wind energy industry. Just two years later, Ingeteam was one of the first global industrial groups to massively invest in the then burgeoning Indian wind energy sector with its new factory in Chennai.

This early commitment paid off, as the company has since managed to establish itself as the leading supplier of wind power converters in the country.

The company, which recently expanded this new facility, continues to implement its growth plans in the Indian wind energy sector.

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