Gamesa Technology Corp., Inc. (GAM: Continuous) and its partner Harvest the Wind Network (HTWN) are jointly working on a community wind project to help HARBEC Plastics, a western New York manufacturer, offset retail energy rates and zero-out carbon emissions.

Through using a Gamesa 850 kW turbine, the plastics manufacturer aims to become carbon neutral by 2013.

Gamesa G5X-850 kW turbine

This is Gamesa’s first distributed wind project with Harvest the Wind. The two companies signed an agreement in March that makes Harvest the Wind a primary distributor of Gamesa’s family of G5X-850 kW turbines for community and distributed wind energy projects.

Harvest the Wind’s regional partner, Sustainable Energy Developments (SED), designed, permitted, and will install the G58 turbine on a 55-metre tower at the Wayne Industrial Sustainability Park, where HARBEC is located.

SED is a regional distributed wind pioneer in the Northeast US. HARBEC Plastics will use the Gamesa G58-850 kW turbine to supply electricity directly to its plant in Ontario, NY, about 25 miles east of Rochester. HARBEC already runs an on-site combined heat and power plant at its factory.

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