Work has started on the first multi-megawatt battery storage project in Germany.

RES Deutschland is building the 10 MW project for utility VBB in the German municipality Bordesholm.

The battery storage will provide grid stabilization and back-up power fed from 100 per cent renewables to Bordesholm if there is a main grid disruption or upstream grid failure.

Bordesholm currently meets 75 per cent of its electricity demand from renewables which are directly connected to the grid. VBB is aiming to raise this figure to 100 per cent by 2020.

In addition to providing control power, VBB’s battery with a storage capacity of 15 MWh can continue to provide power to Bordesholm if there is a grid outage.

VBB Managing Director Frank Günther said: “This is a unique solution for an island network linking into a public power supply network. With this smart solution, the use of coal and nuclear power plants can be avoided in the future. New, modern battery storage plants can ensure the required system stability by using only renewable energy.”

The Bordesholm project is funded as a pilot project by the EU and the state of Schleswig-Holstein, which is promoting the development of storage technologies.

“With this standalone solution, the battery storage becomes a flagship project, which forms a very important component on the way to a supply from 100 per cent renewable energy,” said Dominique Guillou, managing director of RES Deutschland.

Matthias Leuthold, head of energy storage at RES Germany, added: “Battery storage systems are central elements of the German Energy Transition 2.0. In the coming years, due to the increasing displacement of thermal power plants by renewable energy sources, the provision of primary control power with battery storage systems will continue to gain importance in Germany.”

The VBB-project is the first multi-megawatt battery storage project in Germany. The commissioning of the battery storage is scheduled for spring 2019. After the completion of this pilot project, research institutions and universities will be able to use the data generated from the battery storage to transfer new findings to other network projects.

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