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ESBI to build Irelandࢀ™s first commercial ocean energy project

Irelandࢀ™s Electricity Supply Board International (ESBI) has announced that it intends to begin building the countryࢀ™s first full-scale ocean energy project off the west coast early next year.

James Tedd, ESBI Ocean Energy project manager, said that the 5 MW WestWave project is expect to start generation in 2015. Currently four sites are under consideration for the project:

  • The Mullet peninsula
  • Achill Island in County Mayo
  • Slyne Head in County Galway
  • north County Clare

Ted confirmed that a final site selection would be made shortly.

WestWave is working with four technology partners, with a view to selecting the best device, which includes Wavebob, which is testing off Scotlandࢀ™s Orkney Islands, and Pelamis.

The company is seeking EUR18m ($25m) of New Entrants Reserve (NER) funding from the European Union, but the project is expected to cost at least EUR40 million. It has also applied to the European Investment Bank for funding.

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