EON plans huge EV charging station rollout

E.ON and Danish e-mobility service provider CLEVER have formed an alliance with the plan to roll out ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles along main European motorways.

They plan to several hundred of the charging locations across Europe, placing them every 120-180 kilometres along highways.

“The common vision is to establish Europe’s first ultra-fast charging backbone for electric car drivers and the first will be installed this year,” said E.ON.

The number of electric cars on European roads is set to grow dramatically over coming years as European countries increasingly mandate CO2 emission reductions in transportation and as EV technology further evolves.

“We hope that our common ambition will lead to the first comprehensive ultra-fast charging infrastructure being established in Europe,” said Frank Meyer, senior vice-president of B2C & Innovation at E.ON.

“A network of this magnitude not only requires solid funding and expertise, it would also be a game-changer for the growth of EV demand and a key blueprint for accelerating green and sustainable e-mobility.”

CLEVER chief executive Casper Kirketerp-Màƒ¸ller said that “the transition and mass market adoption of electric mobility requires long-range EVs and a reliable ultra-fast charging network across borders. The car manufacturers will soon start to deliver the EVs, and we will utilize our experience since 2009 in building, operating, and servicing Nordic EV drivers to offer the best customer journey and charging experience for long distance electric driving across Europe.”

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