Enel X awarded 554MW demand response at UK’s capacity auction

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Enel X, through its local subsidiary Enel X UK Limited, was awarded 554MW of demand side response (DSR) capacity for 2024-25 delivery in Great Britain’s Capacity Market.

At this volume, the company secures 52% of total demand side response capacity awarded in the UK’s latest capacity auction.

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Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X, said: “We are delighted to extend both our market leadership in the GB Capacity Market and our offer of a guaranteed long-term revenue stream for our British customers with this award. We are excited to leverage our Virtual Power Plant capabilities to enable business contribution to the decarbonisation of the UK’s grid system while also making their own operations more cost-effective and resilient.”

This result follows the GB Capacity Market T-1 auction result, which was finalised on 12th March, for delivery starting 1st October 2021, where Enel X secured an additional 229MW (derated) at a record high price.

That auction saw a sizeable increase in awards to renewable and flexible assets, such as batteries, supporting Great Britain’s grid system decarbonisation.

Demand-side response pays large industrial and commercial energy consumers, such as manufacturers, data centres, and commercial real estate companies, for adjusting their energy consumption to alleviate electricity grid system stress. The GB Capacity Market pays users year-round for simply being on standby, ready to respond in the event of a rare grid emergency event.

Enel X has provided DSR services to Great Britain’s electricity system since 2009. Worldwide, the company currently manages over 6GW of capacity in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

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