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Enel Green Power and Acciona’s latest Brazilian wins

Two leading European renewable energy companies continue their success in the Brazilian wind market, with the installation of more than 400 MW.

Enel Green Power (EGP), the renewable energy subsidiary of the Italian electric utility Enel, has started building three new wind farms in the northeast of the country.

  • 56 MW Curva dos Ventos in the state of Bahia;
  • 80 MW Fontes dos Ventos in the state of Pernambuco; and
  • 56 MW Modelo in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

The three farms will supply electricity to both the regulated and the free market.

Fontes dos Ventos and Modelo will be EGP’s first wind farms in the states of Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte.

The three wind projects, which will require a total investment of EUR330m ($442m), will provide energy to both the regulated and the free market under a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) awarded in public tender in 2011.

Spain’s Acciona Windpower is another company enjoying success in Brazil, supplying wind turbines for two of Voltalia’s wind farm clusters in Rio Grande do Norte, with a combined capacity of 210 MW.

The agreement covers the supply of 70 of Acciona’s latest-technology AW 3000 turbines ” each with a 3 MW capacity.

The two clusters are Sao Miguel do Gostoso (120 MW) and Areia Branca (90 MW), and together with a third 110 MW wind farm they are supported by a 20-year PPA won by Voltalia in 2011 through public tender offerings.

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