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El Salvador boosts bagasse-fired generation capacity

The growth in the contribution of bagasse, the solid waste by-product of the sugar industry, to El Salvador‘s power mix looks set to continue.

Not only do the sugar mills use the power produced for their own consumption, any surplus is injected into the national grid. In the first half of this year that totalled almost 200 GWh.

According to Energias Renovables, there are two main projects currently underway to boost generation capacity.

La Cabana, which is located 40 km north of the capital San Salvador, is expected to invest $35.5m over the coming months, which will add 20 MW of capacity in time for the 2014-15 harvest.

The Chaparrastique plant, which is owned by the Salvadoran Sugar Company (Cassa), has also launched a project to expand its capacity to 62 MW.

According Mario Salaverràƒ­a, chairman of El Salvador’s Sugar Association, La Cabana and Chaparrastique will both become self sufficient in energy and sell their surplus to the country’s grid.

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