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Completion of largest on-site wind power facility in US

Haircare manufacturer, Zotos has recently completed what it claims to be the largest on-site wind project of any manufacturer in the United States.

Theà‚ American Wind Energy Association have concurred that it isthe largest wind project of any manufacturer in the U.S and also the largest private industrial wind plan in the New York State region.

Wind power

The project was funded in part by theà‚ 2009 federal stimulus, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, reports Earth Techling.

The project comprises two 1650-kilowatt (kW) wind turbines (yielding a total capacity of 3.3 MW), which provide power to theà‚ 670,000-square-foot manufacturing plant, which employs 760 staff.

The company, which makes haircare and styling aid productsà‚ and is owned by global cosmetics giant Shiseido, said the onsite windà‚ turbines were a first in the beauty industry.

Zotos said theà‚ wind project was expected to meet nearly 60 per cent of the Geneva plantࢀ™s power needs.à‚ To make up the remaining 40 per cent, the companyà‚ recently entered into an agreement to purchase up to 9 million kW of green energy.

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