Marine energy specialist Pelamis Wave Power has secured an agreement for lease from the Crown Estate, the body which owns the seabed around Britain, to develop a 10 MW wave farm off the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

The proposals are for up to 14 Pelamis machines to be located off the west coast of Lewis near the Island of Bernera. With construction targeted for 2015, it would become the Western Isles’ first commercial wave farm.

The site itself is some 100 square km in size, which allows Pelamis to narrow the location for the final wave farm, which will only occupy approximately 2 square km once built, by conducting site investigations and consultations with local sea users and stakeholders.

The timing coincides with planned grid upgrades to the island and the completion of pre-commercial development of Pelamis technology in Orkney by utility customers E.ON and ScottishPower Renewables.

According to a study conducted by Halcrow in 2008, the waters around the Outer Hebrides could have as much as 20 per cent of Europe’s total wave resource, making the Western Isles one of the best wave resources in the world.

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