Clean energy utility Ecotricity moves into energy storage

UK clean energy utility Ecotricity has today announced plans to install its first energy storage project ” just a few meters away from its head office in Stroud, England.

Utilising the latest battery technology, the peak output from the site will be around 2.5 MW.

The battery will charge up during off-peak hours when people use less electricity, and deliver energy back into the grid when it is needed.

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince said the company had been “looking at energy storage for some time now ” waiting for the technology to make it possible. And we’re excited that we’re now at that point.

“Not many people know that, as an energy company, we have to manage the energy our customers use every half an hour ” energy storage will better allow us to do that, meaning we can more efficiently supply energy and better manage the green energy we generate.”

Vince added that the battery system was “a trial project for us ” and we’re going to learn a lot about energy storage and how it can help us. We’re hoping it will be the first of many more energy storage projects to come.”

Founded in 1995, Ecotricity supplies almost 200,000 customers across Britain from a fleet of windfarms and solar parks. A ‘not-for-dividend’ enterprise, the company claims that on average over the last eleven years, it has “invested more per customer in building new sources of green electricity than any other energy company in Britain”.

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