Circuit breaker solution for huge China grid project

The Switzerland-based arm of power delivery company Maxwell Technologies has won a contract for a DC circuit breaker solution on a massive grid project in China.

The ZhangBei Project is the first and largest 550kV DC meshed grid project in the world and is intended to deliver power to Beijing from a variety of renewable sources including wind and solar.

Maxwell said the main challenge of this project is the development of DC circuit breakers with a new switching system capable of opening DC currents. To meet this need, Maxwell is developing four types of new CONDIS-branded capacitor products for these DC breakers.

“Demand for meshed DC grids is growing and these new developments are opening an increased need for high voltage capacitors,” said Gérard Lopez, vice-president and general manager of the high voltage product line at Maxwell, which is headquartered in San Diego.

Lijiang Chi, chief engineer at Chinese energy technology group XJ ” which is involved in the project ” said the ZhangBei scheme “will supply enough power on the grid to manage the increasing demand for high energy without breakdown of the grid”.

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