government of Brazil has announced plans to auction 8.5 GW of hydroelectric power over the course of this year.

Among the plants being considered is the 7.61 GW Sao Luiz do Tapajos mega-hydro in the northern state of Para, according to federal energy planning company EPE.

Among the main plans to be developed is the Sao Luiz do Tapajos plant, a megaproject able to produce up to 7.61 GW, BN Americas reported.

BNamercias reports that because of its size and complexity, Sao Luiz do Tapajos is likely to be auctioned on its own, while a separate round for projects totaling 900 MW will also be held.

Both auctions have been earmarked for the second half of the year.

Interestingly, among the projects likely to be tendered this year, only one, the 145MW Itaocara plant in Rio de Janeiro, has a permit.

Other projects under consideration are the 74 MW Davinopolis on the border of Minas Gerais and Goias states and the 113 MW Ribeiro Goncalves facility on the Parnaíba River, bordering Piaui and Maranhao states.

The government also plans to tender a 439 MW expansion of the 3.15 GW Santo Antonio plant in the north-western state of Rondonia.

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