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Biomass and hydro projects add much-needed capacity to Chile’s SIC system

This month, three new biomass-fired plants will be operational in Chile and adding 71.6 MW to the Central Interconnected System (SIC), with three small-hydro stations providing an additional 27.3 MW.

According to local daily Estrategia, the biomass plants are Vinales (31 MW) and Laja (25 MW), operated by Arauco Energia and CMPC respectively, with Energia Pacifico bringing another 15.6 MW biomass plant on line.

The small-hydropower plants are Bonito, Pulelfu and Renaico.

However, this year’s major hydropower project is the Angostura hydroelectric dam, with an installed capacity of 316 MW and located on the region of Colbun.

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