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Binacional hydro facility poses no risk says Eletrobras

The governments of Brazil and Argentina want the construction of the 2.2 GW Garabi-Parambi hydroelectric complex to start by 2016, but like so many similar large-scale hydro projects it is facing serious opposition.

In a statement, Brazil’s state-owned electricity utility Eletrobras tried to allay concerns, vowing the facility would meet all stringent environmental standards and legal requirements, and that conducting a consultation phase with local residents is a priority.

Garabi-Parambi is being jointly developed by Eletrobras and Argentina’s Ebisa, a power trading company, with the aim to be operational by 2020, according to BNAmericas.

The hydropower complex will consist of two 1.1 GW hydroelectric dams and be located on the border of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul and the Argentinean province of Corrientes.

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