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Argentinean-Chinese consortium wins big hydro projects in Patagonia

The government of Argentina has awarded a contract to a consortium, comprising local companies Electroingenieràƒ­a and Hidrocuyo, as well as China’s Gezhouba Group Company Limited, to build two large hydroelectric dams in Patagonia.

Both projects will require an investment of over $4bn and are expected to supply 4.7 per cent of the country’s electricity, reports AFP.

The dams will be built on the Santa Cruz river and represent a combined capacity of 1740 MW.

The award came out of a competitive bidding process initiated in January 2013, when there were five bids involving the participation of 21 companies – 14 in Argentina , two Chinese , one French , one Korean , two Brazilian and one Spanish , according to the Ministry of Federal Planning.

The new dams will be called ‘Nestor Kirchner’ and ‘Jorge Cepernic’, after a former president and a former governor of the southern province, both of who died in 2010.

Work is expected to begin in December and take five years.

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