Storage supporting UK renewable power

Energy storage company Moixa Technology has partnered with Internet of Things (IoT) specialist 1248 to deploy pilot energy storage systems across 300 UK homes and offices in support of on-site solar power.

Houses in London, East Anglia and the southwest of the UK along with 16 flats at student accommodation at Brunel University is using patented Maslow energy storage equipment (pictured) to bank energy from solar panels during the day and low-tariff electricity periods to supply power at night to reduce peak energy use.

The pilot is the largest UK deployment of residential electricity storage at the edge of the grid and is part of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Energy Storage Demonstration Programme.

‘The system leverages Internet of Things technologies to aggregate distributed energy ‘storage as a service’, enabling the system to deliver megawattà‚  scale balancing across the local network and overall grid,’ explained Moixa’s CTO Chris Wright, who added: ‘This also improves PV (photovoltaic) storage economics, better levers renewables and reduces wind curtailment.’

At Brunel University Moixa has installed 32 kWh of energy, saving aroundà‚  4.5 MWh per month.

‘Collaboration between 1248 and Moixa is harnessing the power of the IoT to make better use of urban renewables,’ said Keith Reed, Head of Sales at 1248.

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