Statkraft commissions Peruvian hydropower plant

Statkraft has opened the Cheves hydropower plant in Peru, the ninth such project in the country for the Norwegian state-owned power company.

The new hydroelectric power plant is located 130 kilometres north of the capital Lima, on the Huaura river and consists of two aggregates with a total installed capacity of 172 MW and exploits a gross head of 600 meters. The power plant is the first greenfield project developed and constructed by Statkraft alone in South-America.
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Chevez will have an annual generation of around 840 GWh based on water from the Andes. The electricity generated will be sold on a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with 8 local distribution companies.

“The opening of Cheves consolidates Statkraft’s position among the largest power producers in Peru. It also underlines our ambition to further strengthen our position as a leading international provider of pure energy. Our efforts in South-America play a very important role in this strategy,” says EVP International

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